Irish gas infrastructure secures €100 million financing

An investment has been secured to modernise and extend Ireland's gas infrastructure.这将包括苏格兰和爱尔兰之间的天然气联网工程竣工。

The upgraded infrastructure aims to facilitate gas innovation projects such as renewable gas and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) which,据爱尔兰燃气网络(GNI),will play a role in decarbonising the Irish economy.

The news comes as GNI has agreed a €100 million financing facility with the European Investment Bank.

According to a statement from GNI,该项目将使超过700,000 customers nationwide.

Natural gas currently provides over a third of Ireland's energy requirements and helps to generate over 50% of Ireland's electricity.

在谈到公告,Richard Bruton交通部长,Climate Action and Environment,说:We have recently announced funding for a Gas Networks Ireland renewable gas project.


Organisations such as the International Energy Agency,对爱尔兰可持续能源局强调,在减少我们的碳强度的天然气网络的重要性。

丹尼斯奥沙利文,Gas Networks Ireland's managing director,新增:这个金融是一个进一步认可我们的战略为爱尔兰提供一个安全和有竞争力的能源供应,同时也在低碳经济发挥了重要作用。”“